Pay & Submit 1099 Data


Select the number of 1099s,  Click add to cart then view your cart and make your payment. After Payment Click Here to submit your 1099 data. WARNING: 1099s will not be processed if payment has not been received for the number of requested 1099s or if you have not paid your Lifetime 1099 service fee for those who are new to this program.

If you are a new company who just enrolled in our Lifetime 1099 Service Program, or you enrolled in a previous year the next step is to pay for your 1099’s and submit your 1099 data. Select the number of 1099s needed, add them to your cart and finalize payment. Once your payment is complete please Click Here to submit your 1099 data for up to ten 1099 forms at a time.The data is sent directly to our payroll clerk for processing and you will receive an email from that department before the deadline.

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