Dealing With Audits

An Informational Regarding Audit Myths

Please read this detailed audit information we have put together for our clients. This article gives insight on how to prepare for an audit and the myths surrounding the audit process and auditors.

Dealing With Audits



Audit Assistance

Complementary Audit Guidance.

Click here to learn more about our complementary "Audit Assistance" program. Wagner provides this basic service as part of your paid tax preparation fee.

Complementary Audit Assistance



Additional Audit Support

Fee Based Audit Service Add On

Click here to learn more about our additional "Audit Support" Program. Wagner offers this expanded service as and deeper layer of audit help. This is a Fee Based service offered at a discounted rate and requires purchase before receiving a notice. 

Add On Audit Support Program

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Full Audit Representation

Audit Appearance & Full Audit Defense

Click here to learn more about our full audit representation referral program. Wagner has teamed up with a full audit representation service provider for those who want expert audit representation services. These expert audit specialists handle more audits in a month than most Tax Professionals or Tax Attorneys will handle over the coarse of thier career.

Full Audit Representation Referral Service

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