About Us

With over 40 years experience Wagner Tax is a strong family owned and operated company with over 4 generations of tax and accounting knowledge.  Specializing in businesses, Family Taxes & Individuals, we have the experience to support you. We have been building relationships with families, businesses and workers from all walks of life for more than 40 years which gives us a unique perspective. Our traditional & modern approach to Taxes & Accounting comes from the fact that we serve multi-generations of clients.  Our goal is to customize a tax and accounting plan that works the way you do so you don't have to adjust your operations to fit your accounting service. As we embrace the electronic age many clients are interested in using technological advances. We customize to your needs. It is true that Tax tracking and bookkeeping functions can be delivered in a more streamlined, user-friendly and cost-effective way by integrating online, “paperless” technology that tangibly reduces the amount of time and effort clients have to spend on their accounting and bookkeeping  BUT, there are other clients that are perfectly happy with more traditional methods and good old paper works just fine. We serve both of those philosophies. 

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