1099 Service Enrollment Fee


One-time/Lifetime company enrollment fee.

One-time Fee – STEP 1

Our annual 1099 service is available to your company every year for the *life of the business. In order to use this service every year at tax time, you must enroll your company for a one-time fee of $145. This fee is fully tax deductible as a professional fee. Enrollment is mandatory in order for our payroll clerks to prepare your documents. After enrollment, the cost of each 1099 is $15 and includes all annual form filings with the IRS and submission of the 1099’s to the recipients. Once you have completed your enrollment please proceed to step 2 purchase your 1099s, and submit the 1099 data & amounts. Our Payroll Department will receive an email confirmation of your enrollment.*a change in entity, federal or state Identification number or business type constitutes a new business and thus would require a new enrollment fee.


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