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How To Connect With The Office/Tax Preparer Now That The Offseason Is In Effect

Your either requested an extension be filed on your behalf, or we could not complete the taxes you gave us by the deadline which required us to file an extension. Please read this notice for our procedures & COMMUNICATION instructions for finalizing your 2021 taxes.

  • If you have already made and Off-Season Phone or Virtual Tax Appt, please upload your tax documents at least 1 week prior to your Appt using the link below. If we do not receive your documents within that timeframe which allows us to print, sort and organize your documents, we will most likely need to reschedule your appt so please plan-ahead. If you prefer to drop off, fax or mail us your documents you can do that as well. Here is the link to upload your docs >> (be sure all documents are clear and legible PDF is Preferred)
  • If you have already made an Off season In-Person Appt, Do NOT upload your tax documents, instead please organize them, and bring them to your Appt. Your Preparer will not be able to print out, organize, and sort through your documents at the time of your appt due to time constraints.
  • If you would like to change your in-person Tax Appt over to a Virtual/Phone Appt you can do so by clicking the following link or going to our website. >> PLESE KEEP IN MIND if you change over to a Virtual/Phone Appt you will need to upload docs 1 week before appt See Above.
  • If you have an extension and or do not have an appt set up you can request a Virtual, Phone or In-Person appointment by using this link>> or by contacting your Tax Preparer directly through email (Tax preparer Email Addresses Listed below)
  • If you have an extension but do not want an appointment and just want to submit your tax documents and have a preparer contact you with results once completed, use this link>>
  • If email is not a preferred communication. We understand that email can be frustrating for those who prefer not to communicate that way but for a tax office it is our preferred communication because we can get and respond to email anywhere at any time and we can always go back and review what we were working on which is Key HOWEVER, if you would like to speak to someone about your taxes during the off season which runs from April 18th 2022 through January 31st 2023 please give us a call at the office and choose your tax preparer’s voicemail box. During the slower off-season we do not have a front desk attendant and Tax Preparers handle their schedules and communications directly during this time. We are looking to improve our phone system for a better experience this summer with more options for getting in contact with your Tax Professional than in the past.
  • Emailing The Front Desk During The Off Season. From April 18th through January 31st, 2023, Tax preparers will be handling all emails directly. If you send an email to the Front Desk, you should receive an auto response email back with contact info & off season procedure information directing you to where you need to go.
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Spend your valuable time running your business and let us help you account for it. The level of involvement is up to you. We customize an accounting plan that matches you. We can handle all or part of your specific accounting needs. Costs are determined by the complexity of the services needed in the following areas:

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