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2022 Corporate/LLC Tax Extension & CA Franchise Tax Due 3/15/23

Request Your 2022 Corp/LLC/Partnership Tax Extension and or Pay Your 2022 CA Franchise Tax ($800) If not already Pd.

Costs: Electronic Tax Extension $89.
                 CA Corp Tax Payment $45.

Corporations/LLCs/Partnerships MUST file an extension by Wed, March 15th if your taxes are not ready to send in. without an extension Penalties are calculated from March 15th up to the time you file your return. S-Corps and LLCs who have not already paid their 2022 ($800 min) Corp/LLC Tax must also make sure it's paid by March 15th, 2023 to avoid add'l penalties and interest for Late Payment. Those wanting us to file an Electronic Extension and or setup Corp/LLC Tax Payment, Please Submit the following form by 6pm Wednesday 3/15/23.

Submit Info Before 6pm March 15th

Request A Corporate Or LLC/Partnership Extension

Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Entity Information

Use the name off of your recent tax return or IRS/State document
I am Requesting
The $800 Minimum Tax is considered an estimated tax pre-payment. This pre-payment is due anytime from April 15th of last year through December 31st, 2022. If it is paid by March 15th of 2023 (the filing deadline) Ca charges a small fee. If it is not pre-paid by the March 15th, 2023 deadline, interest and penalties compound monthly until paid. An extension of time does NOT extend this payment It only extends the time we have to file.
Business Address
If you do not know the ID and we have it on file from previous filing Type "On File"
President, CEO, Treasurer, Shareholder, Secretary Etc. Member.
If you are unsure if you have paid your 2022 minimum franchise tax payment please email your tax preparer.
If You Have Not Paid Your 2022 CA Corp/LLC Tax/Fee *
If you are requesting Wagner Tax To Make The Payment For You To Avoid Late fees you must submit this to us no later than March 15th BEFORE 5 pm. Wagner Tax cannot be held responsible if the payment fails or a technical issue arises at the time of setting up a payment.
I Have Already Submitted My Corp/LLC/Partnership Income & Expenses To Wagner Tax But Am Requesting An Extension Anyway As A Precaution.
If Requesting Wagner Tax To Make Payment Choose Pmt Type
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Make sure to use the correct bank routing number for payments.
Please Type Your Your Signature — An"electronic signature" is a method of signing an electronic form that— (A) identifies and authenticates a particular person as the source of the electronic signature; and (B) indicates such person's authorization and approval.
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By submitting this form you are requesting us to file an "electronic extension of time to file". An extension doesn’t avoid interest & fees on the amount you might end up owing. The Extension will keep you from receiving a failure to file on time penalty and complies with the government's procedure for requesting more time. Fees Associated with FTB or IRS for making an electronic payment are not the responsibility of Wagner Tax and by this authorization, you approve and agree to pay any and all governmental fees required to file and Pay online.
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
If you have multiple files to upload Please make sure that you pay attention to the Maximum Upload size of 67 MB